International Area Studies

Our program aims to develop broad-minded, regional experts and high-level professionals who are able to play an active role in the arena of global contribution and international cooperation. We hope to achieve this through the study of area studies, which strives for an intrinsic and comprehensive understanding of a specific country and regional community.

Our program consists of seven specific major courses as follows: East Asian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Central Eurasian Studies, Middle Eastern and North African Studies, European Studies, North American Studies, and Latin American Studies. We provide flexible curricula to facilitate comparative and interregional research with the goals of expertly grasping the changing concept of the region in a globalizing world as well as problems on a global scale. Our program encourages students to conduct fieldwork and research abroad, and welcomes students from abroad. Our faculty members and students include more than 15 nationalities, and we offer more than 70 subjects conducted in English. Upon completion of the program, students will be conferred a M.A. in Area Studies, or Master of Arts.

Our program established a special program, ‘Area Studies Innovation Program (ASIP)’, which aims to develop the locally optimized global human resources worked in developing countries. In addition to the standard two-year program and ASIP, five special programs taught in English are ongoing. To further their studies, students who complete the program may apply to Doctoral program in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tsukuba.

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