Subprogram in Literature

Our Aim
The literature sub-program is devoted to the academic study of literature and related fields within the Humanities. It seeks to educate its students, and to develop their intellect and academic skills.
Under the guidance of esteemed specialists, the graduate students of this sub-program are encouraged to pursue their own academic interests while gaining a broader perspective. Studying in this sub-program, students will acquire the intellectual skills necessary for academic/educational vocations and non-academic fields.

What you can do
Students can research various national and regional literatures, such as Japanese Literature, Chinese Literature, Anglophone Literature, Francophone Literature, Slavic Literature, and Classic Literature in Greek and Latin. They can also pursue interdisciplinary scholarship such as comparative literature, translation studies, literary theory, film studies, interculturalism and adaptation.
One of the main goals of this sub-program is to integrate various new academic fields in literary and cultural studies. For this reason, there are no sectional sub-divisions within the program.

Curriculum and Support
In the Master’s program, students will learn about the basics of literary and cultural studies by taking three “compulsory general foundation subjects” classes. “Major subjects” include classes taught in English, team-taught classes, and required classes aiming to prepare students to write their dissertation. 
In the Doctoral program, instruction is customized to the student’s specific interests and needs, and the student’s main advisor cooperates with other professors for that purpose. Students are encouraged to obtain their PhD within three years.
There is also generous support for academic events, conferences, and research activities abroad.