Subprogram in History and Anthropology

The Subprogram in History and Anthropology provides master’s and doctoral degree programs, consisting of six majors: Japanese History, Oriental History, Western History, Historical Geography, Prehistory/Archaeology and Folklore/Cultural Anthropology with about twenty faculty members (more details are available at our website).

Graduate students will select one of the above majors and receive in-depth education and training in a specialized study area, as well as develop their wider range of interests in other related subjects. Each course provides coursework and tutorials related to the specialized research fields. The weekly lectures and seminars are to learn core concepts, theories and methods, as well as expertise. In the tutorials, students present their research progress and obtain feedback to develop their research plan or dissertation. Some of the research fields provide practical field training. Students are also encouraged to attend the lectures provided by other courses or subprograms according to their own research interests.

In addition to completing their coursework, students are encouraged to write academic papers and have conference presentations, and will be promoted, through the completion of master’s and doctoral dissertations, to versatile researchers, educators, or highly-skilled professionals, who are creative and flexible enough to cope with academic and social demands.