Subprogram in Modern Culture Studies

What kind of "knowledge" do we need in this "modern" period? In this "modern" age, we are witnessing drastic changes in all conceivable phenomena in this human world. Culture, art, politics, and economics are all transcending their boundaries. Living in such a dynamic time, we are now faced with two difficult questions: how do we perceive who we are and what we are and what should we do in order to find a way to live in peace and harmony with others from different cultural backgrounds?

Modern Culture Studies is a new, innovative academic field which studies a variety of issues relating to difficult but quite important questions like how to adopt flexible, creative ideas and approaches beyond existing disciplinary boundaries. The program aspires to reach the ultimate goal of creating new "modem knowledge" through research.

In order to achieve this goal effectively, the Modern Culture Studies program specifically engages in research of cultural phenomena from diverse approaches and provides students with various educational opportunities. Through these opportunities, students undergo essential training for their future careers as scholars or professionals in academic and business fields in Japan and all over the world.

To achieve these objectives efficiently, Modern Culture Studies is adopting an exceptional educational system, as shown below:

1. Students’ ideas are highly respected as the core of their studies and learning.
2. Students are supported by more than one advisor.
3. Students are allowed to take classes from other programs to enhance their interdisciplinary learning.
4. Students are actively encouraged to make presentations on their own topics at both international and domestic conferences.
5. Studying abroad is strongly endorsed. Also, students from abroad are welcomed. An international environment created from students with different cultural backgrounds fosters students’ interest in and understanding of other cultures.
6. Students’ abilities are assessed and certified by the program’s evaluation system from various viewpoints before they complete the whole course of study.

Modern Culture Studies is the perfect choice for students hoping to pursue extensive studies on cultural problems of modern times and seeking careers as professional scholars in academic fields or as business professionals in various social fields.