Competences Achievement Evaluation] Curriculum Maps (last updated: 25.07.2022)

The latest version of the curriculum maps is available here.
Courses with light blue markers are newly added courses.
The areas in yellow markers and red characters are the changes from the curriculum map before the update.

< Competence figures for courses offered by other graduate schools >
The Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences quantifies competence, but other graduate schools
do not quantify it and may just put a "〇" in the item of competence that can be acquired.
If you have taken courses from other graduate schools, please check the competencies you can earn in those
courses on the university-wide (
website and consult with your supervisor regarding the numerical value of the competencies you can earn.

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◇How to Evaluate Competences Achievement (For Students) / Competences Achievement Evaluation Sheet (For Students)

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