Notice for New Students (Fall Semester 2023)

The information will be updated as needed, so please check this page frequently.

【Entrance Ceremony】
The Entrance Ceremony for the Fall Semester of the University of Tsukuba for AY 2023 is scheduled as follows.

Date and Time: Friday, September 29, 2023
11:00-11:20 am (Japan Time)
Location: Daigaku Kaikan, University of Tsukuba

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【HASS Orientation】
Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences will conduct the Orientation for new students in order to provide the necessary information for your new student life.

Date and Time: September 29, 2023 (Friday)
1:30-2:30 pm (Japan Time)
Participation Method: Online (Synchronous) using Microsoft Teams *

* Note: If you cannot join the Orientation due to time difference or unstable Internet access, a video of the orientation will be available for watching at a later date. (Refer to “③The method for watching the orientation video”).

This orientation combines with the first lecture of the required elective course "Academic Writing and Research Ethics" for master's students, and "Research Ethics Guidance (研究倫理等についてのガイダンス)", which is a requirement for completion of the doctoral program. Please be sure to attend.

①Settings for participating in the Orientation
 STEP01: Preparation of using Microsoft products
Please read “Steps to use Microsoft 365 (M365) (PDF). ”
Follow the documentation to set up M365.

(About Online class guidance)

(Steps to use Microsoft 365 (M365) (PDF))

・You must use your UT account.
 You will not be able to participate in the Orientation with any account other than your UT account.
・Your email address is “UTID-NAME”.
 (A student’s UTID-NAME is “s” + last 7 digits of the Student ID Number.)
 You can get your Student ID from “Unified Authentication System password” card sent to you by the program office in late September.
・Please note that your Microsoft password is different from your UT “Unified Authentication System” password.

 STEP02: Setting up the Teams Application
You can participate in the Orientation by using the web-based app for Microsoft Teams, or by downloading and installing the appropriate app for your platform (Teams is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android). We recommend downloading and installing the application.

After signing in, download and install Office on your device from here (

②The method for attending the Orientation (Synchronous)
Select the team “2023 HASS Orientation”, and click “Join” before starting time of the orientation.
Note: Please respect online etiquette by muting your microphone when joining and attending online classes. If you have concerns about your Internet access speed, we recommend turning off your video as well.
③The method for watching the video of Orientation
The orientation video will be available for watching later for a period of time.
More information will be posted on this page at a later date.
Please check this page frequently.
[Updated October 3, 2023]
Students who couldn't attend on the day of the orientation, September 29, can watch the on-demand video through "2023 HASS Orientation" team created in Microsoft Teams.

Both students who participated on the day and those who watched the video at a later date are required to submit assignment by the due date.

Please submit assignment to the Teams assignment space by 23:59, Thursday, October 12, 2023.
Failure to submit assignment will not be counted as attendance.

(Contact Information)
 If you have any questions about how to participate in the orientation, please contact us at the email address below.
 Graduate School Affairs,
 Academic Service Office for the Humanities and Social Sciences Area
 * Note: Please replace # with @

【Reference Information】

1. Graduate School Handbook
The Graduate School Handbook contains important information about student life, such as the academic calendar, general guide to academic courses and registration, procedures for changing your student record such as leave of absence, tuition fees, etc.
(Graduate School Handbook)

2.How to Take Online Courses
The following is a brief description of the three systems that are especially important for taking online courses and orientations. For how to use each system, please refer to the ICT Guide.

(ICT Guide)

manaba (Learning Management System)*
This system has course pages for each class, where you can watch videos and materials from the classes. Detailed instructions and assignment submission for each course may also be done through this system.
Note: You will not receive credit unless you register for TWINS; please do not register only for manaba.
TWINS (Educational Information System)*
This system enables students to register for classes and view their grades.
KdB (Curriculum Development Support System)
This system enables students to search for and view course syllabi and information on all classes.

*In order to use the above systems (manaba and TWINS), you need your initial password card for "Unified Authentication System."
For more information, please check Online class guidance.

(Online class guidance)

3. Distribution Materials for New Graduate Students
There are distribution materials from the university for all new students*.
You can get them from the following URL under “Graduate Schools.”
*Note: Some of the materials are in Japanese only.

(Orientation for the Fall Semester)


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