System for extending the period of registration for students to be enrolled in AY 2024 (Degree Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences, Graduate School of Business Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences)

(Aim of the System for Extending the Period of Registration)
With the aim of further increasing opportunities for diverse students to learn, the system allows a student to follow a degree program in a planned manner when they apply to complete the program over an extended period of time (Master’s program: three or four years, Doctoral program: four or five years) rather than the standard years after an individual review.

(Eligible applicants)
A student who falls under any of the following and wishes to complete a degree program in a planned manner over a period longer than the standard years (Master's program: two years, Doctoral program: three years) due to associated difficulties.
(1) Having an occupation
(2) Needing to take care of family members, such as children or the elderly
(3) Having a disability
(4) Any other person when it is considered that there is a justifiable reason to apply

After consultation during the pre-consultation period specified for each degree program / subprogram, the documents must be submitted by the due date with the seal of the related faculties of the degree program / subprogram. Documents stamped their seal must be submitted to Graduate School Affairs. For details, please check the attached documents. (These documents are written in Japanese only. If there are any questions regarding this system, please contact us.)
Due Date:
February 22, 2024, 3:00 p.m. -JST (must arrive by this date)
Submission address:
Graduate School Affairs, Academic Service Office for the Humanities and Social Sciences Area, University of Tsukuba
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8571 Japan

For questions about the system for extending the period of registration, please contact the following e-mail address.
hass_admission※ (Please replace ※ with @.)
For questions regarding enrollment procedures other than this system, please contact the department indicated on the enrollment documents.


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